Brave The Cold

by Cathedrals

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released December 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Cathedrals Calgary, Alberta

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Track Name: Fatal Cycle
Fatal Cycle

Moderation has fallen to extinction. Excessiveness keeps this world spinning. Consume until there's nothing left. Eat until you can no longer breathe. A nation swallowed by its gluttony. We wonder why we can't stand ourselves, yet we poison our bodies in every way. We manage to struggle through life in desperation. Taught to believe that there is never enough, while being flooded with boundless blessings. A day of change seems so far away. No convictions for the lives that we're living. Moderation has fallen to extinction. Blinded by selfishness and abundance. Grown so ignorant, we remain unwilling. Like staggering fools we chase this delusion. Our fatal cycle must come to an end.
Track Name: Examine

Proud and unashamed, with the perfect picture on display for us. Reality falls short of all our hopes and dreams. Nothing ever seems to measure up. There is no stirring in our hearts, no righteous anger setting us apart. The fire within has been smothered to nothing. We are frozen in time. We've become paralyzed. This is not what I had in mind, when I pictured my life. This is not what came to my mind, when I examined myself. The path has been set before us repeatedly, yet we are overwhelmed. Cause driven, but never willing to sacrifice. We shy away, never embracing the broken. We waste our time, and never change our lives. We waste our time, we're choking on our lies.
Track Name: A Pledge
A Pledge

Some days it's so hard to see You through the haze. Our vision has been blurred from what's been set ablaze. Reminded that You made order out of chaos. Send Your spirit down again to heal the broken. We know a love that is infinite. The greatest gift that we'll ever receive. We will lay down our lives as an offering, and bring glory to You. A world drowning in corruption. Was this all part of Your plan? Kingdoms rotting to rubble, wars spreading like a disease. A world desperate for a saviour. Searching for something more, beyond what the eye can see. We are all longing for significance. I rest, knowing there's life after death. All of us alike, undeserving and afflicted. Yet Your promise to rescue us from ourselves, stands true for both sinner and saint. A pledge like no other in history.
Track Name: Skeptic

Once again I find myself playing the role of the skeptic, deceived into thinking this darkness has been overcome. It creeps into my life, like a serpent, poisoning every thought that I have. I want to believe without second guessing. I want to live a life not infected. Why is it that I struggle? So hard to relate. Everything that I know has been burned to the ground. A pile of ashes leaves me devastated, but I still see clearly through the smoke. The light is drowning out, so quickly. Numbed by a cardinal craving to belong.
Track Name: Consumed

How is it, that faith has become so dependent? Searching for answers, to all the wrong questions. Looking for guidance in the darkest places. Always seeking, but never finding. Were we made to never understand? Left with nothing to show for. No answers to know for sure. Realize it's something we need not address. The answers are too far beyond us to get. Enlightenment is on the horizon, but every night we watch it set with the sun. Prohibiting the possibility of peace within. Consumed by a battle that we'll never win. Eager to reduce what is sacred to words. Crushed by the weight of uncertainty. Pride stands in the path of acceptance. It's time to let it all go, and converge to what defines us. No more time wasted on meaningless discussion. Before we attempt to make sense of the stars, we must look to the truth that You've laid on our hearts.
Track Name: A New Motive
A New Motive

A grace beyond all else, worth far more than all other treasures. Overwhelming in times of despair. Exceeding anything that we have ever encountered. Deserving so little, yet receiving so much. Ungrateful in relation to all You've given us. Forgiveness covers us, like the sunlight graces the land. Renews us to a point that we've never been. Once a purposeless life, doomed for damnation. Bitterly hopeless. Now turned into a gracious gift, from the maker of life. Our breath is fueled from the comfort You give. A new motive to better our lives. Shattering the chains of death, no power to enslave.
Track Name: Barely Breathing
Barely Breathing

I've been silenced for far too long, barely breathing under the pressure of acceptance. The pressure to conform. Won't live another day under the ruling of their approval. I've grown tired of being confined to their design. Won't let this be the case again. Will not step foot on the ground I have in the past. Life a life unashamed of the absolute truth within. Never again will you force me to give in. Their only hope is that they'll silence us, but I will not remain subdued. This is a promise you can trust. I have fallen short of the man I could be, the man I should be. Wont settle again, it's time to make this life count. I've bitten my tongue for the last time.
Track Name: Brave The Cold
Brave the Cold

Frozen in time, but we will brave the cold. Another day fighting for the Greater Love. As our bodies freeze and our heart beats slow, it's the vacant grave that sustains our hope. We will brave the cold.